Digital Illustration & Animation l Adobe Illustrator, Adobe AfterEffects l Motion Design

The goal of this project was to pick from a set of audios and then animate around it. The audio I chose was "Ten Years to Save the World with Christiana Figueres"

I began by listening to the audio and coming up with ideas for what the graphics used could be. Much of what was talked about was people and their personal responsibility. I researched images of nature, people walking, and various construction.

I played with the idea of starting with a woman walking through a park. I thought of starting with a desaturated color scheme, but as the audio talks about the hope for the future and what we can do to change the world around us, color returns to the animation.
Style Sheets

As I began construction the graphics for this project I worked to decide on a style. I focused on different renditions of the corners, deciding between a harder and softer look. 

The main stylistic difference between the sheets was the weight and style of the outlines. I was deciding between solid, dashed, or uneven weight.

In addition to thinking about the colors and feel of the illustrations, I also played with the amount of detail used in the graphics as well as having texture over the background to separate it from the main animation.

After some feedback from my professor and peers, I went with the uneven weight on the lines. It felt more versatile than the dashed or solid lines, allowing me to properly communicate the different tones used in the audio. From the feedback I received, I also kept the texture in the background, but lowered the opacity so it did not take over the whole image.

Depicted to the left are some of the final illustrations I created and incorporated into my design. 
Final Product

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