Digital Illustration & Animation l Adobe Illustrator, Adobe AfterEffects l Motion Design

The goal of this project was to pick from a set of audios and then animate around it. The audio I chose was "Ten Years to Save the World with Christiana Figueres"

I began by listening to the audio and coming up with ideas for what the graphics used could be. Much of what was talked about was people and their personal responsibility. I researched images of nature, people walking, and various construction.
Style Sheets

As I began construction the graphics for this project I worked to decide on a style. I focused on different renditions of the corners, deciding between a harder and softer look. 

The main stylistic difference between the sheets was the weight and style of the outlines. I was deciding between solid, dashed, or uneven weight.

Depicted to the left are the final graphic I created and incorporated into my design.
Final Product

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