Digital Illustration l Adobe Illustrator l Vis Comm and Graphic Design 1

The goal of this project was to create a poster for the Hong Kong International Airport explaining the protocols for flying during the COVID-19 pandemic. The poster would be something seen in the airport and has to be clear and concise.

During the thought process we started with research and the topics we wanted to discuss. We began with making a list of 50 keywords that we found relevant to our topic. After that, my group mates and I narrowed down the list into the ten most important topics we wanted to focus on. 


For research, my group mates and I sought out people who had relevant information on traveling to Hong Kong or China before or during the pandemic. We conducted virtual interviews. Two of the three people we reached out to were not able to get back to us, but Sun from the online beauty brand "Euphoric Sun" had flown to China the year before and was able to provide information about the process. 
Flowcharts and Personas

Following the research phase, we began structuring the information. One member created a persona while the other two worked on flowcharts. We came up with a few possibilities, eventually settling on our vertical design as it was the most concise and easy to follow. 
Sketches & Icons

After creating sketches and ideas for our set up, we moved forward with the creation of the final graphics. I handled most of the graphic creation, focusing on the main elements one would need to fly into the country. The icons were simple and easy to read even if the viewer did not speak English.
Final Design & Mockup
Created by Ally Keenan, Zachary Markle & Natile Wilczak

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